Welcome to Your State ID, Inc. the current home of future thinking.

We’re excited to lead the conversation about digital identification. It’s a challenging field with a lot of opportunities to manifest generational change. To demonstrate our commitment to pioneering this industry the first thing we did was apply for a patent. By doing so we forced ourselves to ask a lot of tough questions about the nature of privacy, ‘why identification is necessary’, ‘who benefits most’ and ‘who has the most risk’?

We won’t pretend that we have all the answers all the time but we feel pretty certain that ours is a unique approach because the first thing we challenge ourselves to do with every new question is remove ourselves from the equation. Instead of, like so many companies, asking ‘what’s in it for us’ we ask ‘what’s in it for you’? In doing so we remind ourselves of our commitment to service to the citizen first. It may be an upside-down way of thinking but we prefer the term ‘Innovative’.

As a matter of fact, disruptive innovation is a key part of our idea validation process. By constantly looking at all facets of an opportunity we have, humbly, created the beginning of a game-changing replacement to not just that plastic card in your wallet or purse but also your voter registration, recreational licensing, census data and many other uses. But we’re not stopping there. Why should we? Replacing something old with something new is too easy – we want to create. We aim to create an entirely unique way for you to be you all along the path of your digital and physical life. Sound like a challenge? We hope so.